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State of Denial (from October 2006 diary entry)

Monday, March 8th, 2010

If President Bush can be in a state of denial about the war in Iraq, so can I.

Indeed, I don’t want to know there’s a war going on. I don’t want to know about torture and abuse of prisoners. I don’t need to know when we’ve broken international laws which we find antiquated and optional.

I don’t want the news to show returning flag-draped caskets, dead body counts, dollars spent, lives ruined or any other knowledge of this war except for the fact that we are winning.

Most of all, I want to forget that I’m a Quaker which was a pacifist organization but now is so liberal that we tolerate every response to war including vengeance, blood in the streets without end, without oversight, amen.

Thank you Jesus
soldiers with flag-draped coffins