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Prescription for sex

Saturday, July 10th, 2010

My back had a serious problem.  The lowest disc had herniated.  I saw an osteopathic doctor who confirmed and had an MRI which was revealing and painful.  Lying perfectly flat with a triangle wedge holding my legs up should never hurt but shooting pains down my legs indicated that I had a very serious problem.

During the pre-operation discussion, complete with signing of waivers and other forms, I explained to the doctor that I really liked jogging to keep my weight down.  But I knew that the impact would not be good for me.  So, I asked him about exercises to keep me fit and not stress the back.

“Biking?” I asked.   “Only if you’re not bent over.  Ride up, like this”, the doctor said with his back straight.  “Swimming?”  He shook his head “no” and said, “too much twisting of the torso.”  I had run out of non-shock exercise so I asked, “Any other suggestions?”

“Sex”  “What?”, I asked but trying to not let him flummox me, “How about the cardio?”  “That depends on who you’re with, doesn’t it?”   I was completely speechless at that point.

Later, after the surgery was considered a success and on discharge from the hospital, the doctor was writing my prescriptions for pain medication when I asked for a special prescription…
sex daily partner of choice