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A right to privacy?

Sunday, September 26th, 2010

I was walking along the Delaware River yesterday thinking about an online discussion on Facebook with a high school classmate. Fall on the Canal The subject was “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” and as surprised and disappointed as I was that we still have the policy, I was equally surprised and disappointed that people still support it.

And I’m looking at all the freedoms we have in this great country. Freedom of Press where organizations as consistently incorrect as Fox News are allowed to publish their obviously skewed content. Freedom of Religion where any God you wish to believe in must be respected. Freedom to not have to take in soldiers into your house. Freedom to own firearms with quantities and qualities which defy logic at times (do we really need assault weapons?) We can’t be arrested without due cause. We are innocent until proven guilty. We can sue police if they cross certain lines (beatings and the like).

Yet, in the military and in American life in general, we do not have Freedom of Genitals.

We can’t marry who we choose. We can’t get insurance benefits for who we choose. We can’t have our most loved one’s visit us in the hospital. And even though they may not be enforced, laws are on the books concerning which consenting adults we share our most intimate body parts.

When is this mass phobia going to go away? When are we going to disconnect this deserved freedom from pedophilia, bestiality, drug addiction, alcohol abuse and a myriad of other scare tactics used to keep us on the “straight” and narrow?

I just keep waiting for the grown-ups to show up.