Why I am no longer a Quaker

It started as an echo. Bounced from a distant right-wing talking point from 5 years previous to a source just as capable of intellectual discernment and discretion as a canyon.

The news outlets had flooded us with new details of our water-boarding prisoners at Guantanamo. Prior to that, there were allegations but never an admission from Cheney / Bush that this was true.

A true Quaker rose during meeting for worship to express his grief and outrage and to remind everyone that “there is that of God in everyone.” The echo of Beck rose to alarm us by repeating the specious argument about a ticking time-bomb.

However terrible, this was not sufficient for me to stop considering myself a Quaker.

I raised a concern to the appropriate committee so that someone or some group would speak to the echo and explain that all men are innocent until proven guilty, that water-boarding is torture and we convicted Japanese soldiers of war crimes after WWII.

But they confused themselves with a Unitarian Policy committee where all views are equal weight particularly when they cook every year at the flea market.

To this day, years later, no one has told the echo that he is wrong and gullible. And no one has told the committee that Quaker values mean taking a stand for equality and justice.


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