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Privacy is Dead – Get Over It.

Friday, February 26th, 2010

You already know that my cat has died.  If you wanted to.  You already know that my wife just purchased a new Toyota because she has a high degree of brand loyalty and they were offering 60 month financing with no interest.  If that was of any interest to you, gentle readers.

But what is of increasing interest to me is our communications in this Web 2.0 world.  There are some very smart people warning that our children’s laissez-faire attitude towards posting inappropriate (for the adult world) content will catch up to them.  I’m dubious.

It’s a shelf-life issue.  It’s a consciousness issue.  It’s just a time issue.  People are spending more time “Amusing Ourselves to Death” that they really don’t have time for research.  I wonder if the college admission staff have enough time to go through every person’s Facebook, MySpace and YouTube entries, let alone find comments on other people’s pages, blogs, newspaper sites.

But my true disagreement comes from the impossibility or impracticality of keeping every byte of the web ever.  Where’s the interest?  Does anyone care what anyone said last year?  Two years ago?

Will anyone ever care what was tweeted at the local high school prom a week after the event?  No.

Will anyone at Twitter consider this information worth keeping a year from now?  No.

Will anyone bother reading this?  I doubt it.  So when I pull it down because I’m bored yet again will these words remain?   No.

Scott McNealy was wrong.  Privacy isn’t dead.  But, it isn’t completely hidden either.  Ask the Hollywood star who can’t even get arrested.  Right out in plain view, no one pays attention.

Privacy is exposed and then soon lost.  After I bring down the Facebook post about the death of my cat, it – like she – becomes a part of history; tiny, insignificant, beautiful, loving and gone.

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